Puppy Parties

Socialise your puppy with our helpful, free puppy party meetings

At Rathgael Vets, we realise how important it is to socialise your puppy with other dogs. And so, every month we run Puppy Parties.

By helping them to become familiar with all shapes and sizes of dogs from a young age, you’re taking a big step to ensuring that they will remain calm when they interact with dogs in the future.

Another really important benefit of Puppy Parties is that they are terrific FUN!

Puppies are by their nature very social, friendly animals and by bringing them to a safe, welcoming and calm environment where they can meet other pups, you’re providing them with a wonderful experience that they are sure to appreciate.

These are purely for the fun of both pups and owners.  The puppies get a chance to learn how to ‘meet and greet’ other dogs which can prevent fearful aggression at a later stage.

Staff members are also available to answer any of the questions that new dog owners might have, and give advise on worming, insurance, neutering/spaying, behaviour and toilet training.

All new clients that have received their first vaccinations are welcome.