Our Services

We offer a complete range of services

The practice provides a full range of services and our veterinary care is underpinned by the use of a full range of modern treatments. We also offer referral dentistry including endodontics (root canal treatment) and orthodontics, and rabbit dentistry. 

Nurse Clinics

These clinics are desgined to give you the tools to make a positive change to your pet's health. 

Diabetic Clinic

It is important to monitor your diabetic pet regularly to assess the evolution and control of their diabetes and thus determine changes in their insulin requirements.

The goal of treatment of diabetes mellitus is to minimise:

  • The clinical signs of diabetes
  • The risk of hypoglycaemia
  • The development of long term complications

This clinic will run on a Thursday afternoon, between 3 and 4pm. Appointments are to be made with Lynsey Irvine. Lynsey will give free advice about diabetes.

Clients are asked to bring a urine sample and their diabetes journal with them. Lynsey will perform blood glucose monitoring and urinalysis for free.

Celebrate Seniors

Nobody stays young forever and as your pet ages their needs change. One sad reality of being a pet owner is that your pet will reach old age long before you do. Ageing pets need a little more attention, but can still have a healthy, enjoyable and fulfilling life in their late ages.

We have launched our new free clinic for older pets. (dogs over 8 years and cats over 10 years).

Celebrate Seniors is a free nurses clinic run by Pat Graham VN, our most experienced nurse. The clinic will be run by appointment only on a Thursday afternoon.

During the appointment your pet will be given a free health check, urine analysis, mobility assessment and weight check. There will also be the option for blood testing to assess blood glucose, liver and kidney function and a blood count.

Weight Watchers

Did you know up to 50% of all pets are overweight? Even a few extra pounds may be a health risk.

Get your pet back in shape and keep him fit.

This clinic will run on a Wednesday afternoon, please contact the practice for more information or find out more here.

On Site Animal Behaviourist

Bridget Davidson A.N.A. M.B.V.N.A. is our animal behaviourist. Bridget has attended Animal Behaviour courses at Liverpool University, and she has completed the Think Dog Intermediate and Advanced Courses on-line.

Bridget is able to give advice about all behaviour problems including:

  • Destructive behaviour
  • House soiling
  • Separation problems
  • Fears and phobias